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We provide counseling for teens,
and adults with a multitude of emotional, behavioral and social concerns.

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Given the complexity of peoples’ lives, we treat adults in a number of different areas. These include, but are not limited to...


Teenage years can be a turbulent time.  It can seem like stress and anxiety are hiding behind every corner.  Depression, anger, and acting out are common ways to deal with this stress, and can be made even worse...


Neurofeedback is generally designed to reduce the fear in our body, whether we are aware of fear or not. You can expect to have a decrease in symptoms, feel more focused and more relaxed. 

Beach Walk and Talk

Getting fresh air, and being outdoors in a beautiful environment, both have positive effects on our mental health.  Combining walking outdoors and psychotherapy... 


Infinite Mindcare offers a ONE-ON-ONE Intensive Outpatient Program for Adult Professionals seeking treatment for alcoholism and/or addiction. Our IOP program consists of...

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