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Bob Jones, MEd, RSW

With over 30 years’ experience counselling populations as diverse as physicians, members of Canadian Armed Forces, prison inmates in Cayman and Canada and upper management of large corporations Bob discovered neurofeedback as a result of his commitment to continuing education and his own personal growth.


With his strong background in addictions counselling and research he established and directed the counselling services in the Cayman Islands (DCS) and went on to serve as the Addiction Consultant for the Department of Health in his home province of New Brunswick, Canada.


Bob has spent his entire career primarily as a clinician but also managing addiction services as well as being a consumer in a variety of therapeutic modalities which showed a high rate of success in returning people to a state of balance. Neurofeedback (NFT) has been the most effective and life changing of these not only for Bob personally but for the hundreds of clients he has trained.


After almost a decade of training and mentorship Bob’s neurofeedback practice has evolved to one which integrates NFT with psychoeducation and mindfulness. Bob works with clients to address a wide range of stress related disorders and specializes in resistant anxiety disorders, depression and other forms of emotional dysregulation. His depth and breadth of experience means he can assist clients in connecting with their core issues and enable them to direct their own path for success with NFT. 

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