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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

for Professionals

Infinite Mindcare offers a ONE-ON-ONE Intensive Outpatient Program for Adult Professionals seeking treatment for substance abuse and eating disorders. Our IOP program consists of twenty-four, 90 minute, counseling, training, education and therapy sessions. This program offers 36 hours of personally planned treatment and counseling over a sixty-day period.


Sessions are typically set up for 3 hours per day or evening, two times per week for a six-week period. We work around the life commitments of each client to establish a time frame that will allow the client to commit to the program while still maintaining their obligations at home and at work.

The program covers many topics that will allow the client to MANAGE their recovery plan including:

  • Assessing the spectrum of use

  • Understanding triggers

  • Coping with change

  • Handling pressure and stress

  • Managing pain

  • Controlling anxiety

  • Dealing with family challenges

  • Accepting help

  • Accepting reasonable boundaries

  • Replacing bad choices

  • Rebalancing your daily routine

  • Coping Skills

  • Understanding the disease model of abuse/addiction

  • Brain-based therapies

  • Understanding neurofeedback and biofeedback

  • Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques



For more information on our IOP program visit our sister website:

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