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What is Neurofeedback Training (NFT)?


         The activity in one’s brain determines everything you feel and do. While most people have normal brain function, they still have brain imbalances or chronic emotions that affect their lives. When these strong emotions and unhealthy behaviors become resistant to changes this is when NFT can help. NFT is a way to train brain activity, it is essentially biofeedback for the brain. To understand NFT first we need to understand the basics of brainwaves and their function. Brainwaves are the electrical impulses produces as your brain cells communicate with one another. Brain waves tell us a great deal about how you feel and function; your thought habits, stress levels, underlying mood and overall brain function.

          Using sensors on the scalp we can measures and monitor this activity. With our Nexus 10 software we can identify what specific activity is giving rise to your symptoms and cross check this with your own self-report. Once the areas of concern are confirmed a training plan is created to bring your brain back to its optimal state. In most cases the client’s description of symptoms is sufficient to determine a training plan as stress affects humans in predictable ways.

           During the NFT session we provide feedback to your brain so it can make the adjustments that are required to return your brain is a normal state of balance. This feedback is typically given using a video or sound. The sounds or images tell your brain instantly when your brain waves increase or decrease moving towards a more desired level. When the video plays smoothly or the music becomes louder it tends to be a result of the brain increasing its amplitude at a specific area of the brain and a specific wavelength. When the video freezes or the sound decreases it is because the amplitude has not increased past a specified threshold.

          Much as physical exercises develops muscles, the more your brain is exercised into reaching a comfortable, the more efficient it becomes. Once the brain is trained back to a more relaxed or less fearful state it tends to stay there.


What Does NFT Address?


Neurofeedback is generally designed to reduce the fear in our body, whether we are aware of fear or not. Symptoms of that fear tend to be:

  • Anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Obsessive compulsive behaviors

  • Procrastination

  • Depression

  • Overthinking, unwanted thoughts or anticipatory thoughts causing fear

  • Tensing of muscles

  • Certain underlying causes of high blood pressure and to improve attention/focus/concentration/more relaxed states


What Results Can We Expect?

  • More energy/vitality

  • More relaxed (in fact our default mood should ideally be a relaxed state)

  • Improvement in mental functioning including memory

  • Potentially better body functioning from digestion to sleep as NFT is targeting the Central Nervous System

  • Decrease of symptoms.

Neurofeedback at Instyle event.png
Introducing our Neurofeedback program at the Instyle event held at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman
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