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Screen-free Week: Day 1

Today starts, Screen-Free Week, which encourages unplugging from digital entertainment. Screen time has become a source of contention for many families. Whether it is the cause of fewer social interactions with friends or among the family, the difficulty some experience when trying to get someone to turn off the screen (Melt-down time?), a source of avoidance/distraction for the things we want and need to be doing, overstimulation and a loss of imagination to come up with other things to do…the list of the impact goes on and on. What would it be like if you limited screens for a source of entertainment for just a week? What other things could you do to unwind? To relax? To pass the time? To keep busy? What can you commit to? Even if it's just limiting the amount of time per day screens are used... just bringing awareness to how much screens are being used as entertainment will make a huge difference. Awareness is certainly the first step to making a change.

Check back in with our page this week to learn about current and past research on how screen time impacts our mental health and well-being.

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