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Infinite Mindcare Talk Series 2018 schedule

Location: Books and Books (Camana Bay)

Time: 2pm-3pm

Jan- Healthy Habit Formation

January 20, 2018

Feb - Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Mastering relationships

February 17, 2018

March- Social Media Wellness Part II: Separating reality from make believe

March 17, 2018

April - Cravings: Alcohol, drugs, food, gaming, gambling, shopping, media, and beyond

April 21, 2018

May - Mental Health Tune-ups: Skills vs. Pills

May 19, 2018

June - “Can you hear me now?” Effective & Efficient communication skills

June 16, 2018

July - Chill Out!! Managing your anger before it manages you

July 21, 2018

August - Train Your Brain: Get your thoughts in shape

August 18, 2018

Sept - Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Skills to enhance memory and cognition

September 15, 2018

October - Resilience: Learning to roll with the punches

October 20, 2018

November - Are You on Autopilot? Being self aware and living in the present

November 17, 2018

December - Holiday Blues: Handling expectations and obligations with glee

December 15, 2018

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