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IMC New Year Wellness Challenge!

Personal wellness and mental well being can encompass a million and one things AND if we practice the (seemingly) small stuff, it quickly adds up.

2020 is here, and we invite you to follow and join us on our 31 day IMC New Year Wellness Challenge

*********Check out our January calendar of wellness commitments on all our social media platforms, and look for pics of our staff participating alongside you. *********

Every time you "like" and add a picture of yourself engaging in a similar activity, you will be entered to win a wellness giveaway. Soooo, if you like and upload a pic on all 31 days wellness posts, you will be entered to win 31 times. Winner will be chosen February 1st. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself. A little incentive and positive reinforcement for the new year ... Let's do this... together!! 🤝

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