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Burrito of Stress!

When you look at this picture, what do you see? When we are full of stress and anxiety… or a big burrito of stress… we try to manage a million things at once… not only things but thoughts and of course, our stressors BUT the kicker is, when we are stuck in that big burrito of stress, we embody that burrito… and not the glorious deliciousness of an actual burrito… we are actually stuffed full, not able to move, acknowledge or accomplish what actually needs to get done to manage ourselves and our day. Being stuck in our stress even makes the smallest task difficult to attempt, let alone complete. Let’s identify: what’s out of your reach that you need to do now? What is your “burrito of stress” made of that is holding you back? How can you stop to unravel some of it? Some of those things out of your control? Some of those stressors that have nothing to do with you getting on today? Awareness is key. Let’s do this.

Today starts Stress Awareness Month, with the highlight for us being our Talk Series event April 18th on “Stress Busters: Tools to manage life on Life’s terms.”


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