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Who are your people?

Who do you have in your life that you care about and cares about you? Who is your support system? So often we hear from our clients that they have “no one”, “no friends”, and they are “all alone”. It might feel that way, and feelings can certainly feel pretty heavy, but is that actually reality?? Right now, you actually may be home all alone in isolation, but does that actually mean you are all alone? No. When someone says they have no friends or no one that’s loved them, I ask if they have a best friend and usually I get a few names back… when I point out the discrepancy between no friends, and listing a few best friends, I 99% get back a comparison… “yeah but, so and so is friends with everyone,”… so it seems. Who are the people in your life that validate you and who you are. Who do you get comfort and support from? Who makes you laugh? Who are your doctors, therapists, teachers, pastors, etc? Start from the top of the list… when was the last time you spoke? Schedule a short time to speak with them… you have time on your hands… fill it wisely… fill it joyfully… continue to maintain those relationships or even work on doing better… being more present in those relationships. You have people. You’re reading this post, not them. Take full responsibility in reaching out, and don’t wait on them… they might need to chat too.


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