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Auditory hallucinations

This is a difficult song to listen to and really hear and feel what it is being said. Auditory hallucinations just seem so real for the people experiencing them, and 1 in 20 will experience them (or visual hallucinations) in their lifetime. They are often a sign of psychosis brought on by stress. Hallucinations are typically associated with schizophrenia but can also be seen in people with Bi-polar disorder, PTSD, Depression, etc. A few other health problems can bring them on and would need to be ruled out by a doctor. The people that experience this, don’t wish this upon themselves, and can get scared by them. It’s important that we listen carefully when someone tells us what they are experiencing... not to laugh at them or brush it off ... get curious and encourage they reach out to a doctor and/or mental health professional to get clear on what’s going on. Medication, medication, and educating oneself on how to manage their mental health can be an effective solution.


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