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Write down your thoughts!

How do we manage today’s worry thoughts in order to maintain some kind of mental peace???? WRITE IT DOWN! GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Remember, what we keep in our head, to ourselves, those fears and worries that bring us down… make us sicker! Keeping it to ourselves in our head, and not out in the world, in reality, brings us down and has us worrying even more. We encourage you to physically write out those worries on a real piece of paper and not type it… if you dont have paper and a pen, typing will ultimately do the job. Write it out. Circle what you can control. I imagine a lot of you have worries around finances. How can you break those worries down into smaller worries so it doesnt feel so big? How can you start planning for the near future to make sure you are taken care of? Who can you speak to? What organizations can you contact? Does reaching out to someone for help feel difficult for you? If so, let’s explore what that means? Shameful? Embarrassed? Not confident in your assertiveness skills? Ok, manageable. Workable. Hopeful. When we keep it all inside it often seems bigger than it is. When we write it out we can start to formulate a plan. If looking at everything written becomes overwhelming, take a break; a breather, a walk… and then come back to it. You got this.


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