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It's never too late.

Such a powerful song... love the first line which just speaks so much truth, and is the reality check we all need ... and to practice accepting with joy. This world will never ever be what we expect it to be... again here we are talking about those very meh expectations leading us to disappointment... we can do our part to create our world how we want it... we have control over how we interact with the world, our attitude, how we express ourselves... what we do with our free time, how we manage ourselves within whatever the world throws at you us and how we manage with with whatever we throw out there to the world. No matter how bad it is ... how hard it seems in our mind, mistakes we have made, how bad the cards are that we have been dealt, it’s never too late to make a change, to reinvent ourselves, to create the life we want. We have the power to do it. It’s okay if we need assistance with creating it... medication, therapy, reaching out to friends... it’s never too late.


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