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The dark side of you

"So what if you can see the darkest side of me?"

Love this... yes so what if people see the dark side of you? What’s the worst that will happen? Maybe you will lose them as a friend? Maybe they won’t want to talk to you anymore? Maybe they will be there to support you, accept you, love you, and help you? The more we hide ourselves the more we lack real connection with others and also with ourselves. Also: Correct. No one will ever be able to tame you or to change you ... YOU must be the one to do this... someone could motivate you, support you through the difficulties of change... but do it for you? Impossible.

The truth is we all have the dark side... an animal inside us... our shadow-selves... our animal soul... whatever you prefer to call it. It’s our job to have awareness, it's there... to manage it, to bring balance to our thoughts, desires, urges... to build up our goodness, Godli-soul...


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