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Seeing clearly

This week we are going to focus on how we see ourselves, and how this impacts how we see the world.In order to propel change, we work on gaining awareness, gaining insight... seeing our world from many perspectives, many lights, in order to see clearly. Often we are the ones standing in our own way, preventing ourselves from growth, development, happiness, acceptance, etc. What's an example of how we stand in our own way, and sabotage our existence? By thinking we are always right... by thinking there is no other way... by thinking our thoughts are 150% fact... by not being open to the thought that some things cloud our judgement... that some things in our own minds present the world to us in a very skewed way. When we recognize what prevents us from thinking clearly, work on it, challenge it, and go from there, we can be much more confident in our decisions, confident in our choices, confident in our relationships, confident in who we are. What prevents you from thinking clearly? How do you manage that? What do you do to direct yourself to get you back on the track you want and need for the best outcome?


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