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Embrace who you really are.

Yessssssss. Mantra of 2020: it is what it is. For some in these current times it may seem impossible to accept the state of the world ... and it is what it is... we have two choices (1) fight reality which causes even more pain and suffering or (2) it is what it is; go with it. Take action to work within the confines of the space we have... take action to make this reality work for us, and not against us.

If we think about what Jonathon is really saying here... it is what it is, this is me, I am going to embrace who I am... accept my past, and what I need to do now to live a good life in the present and in the future. Some fight with themselves, with the world, punish themselves and others for what happened, for who they might be now, and that continues the cycle of negativity, punishment, not living the life you really want. It may seem impossible to change... but there is another way. Embracing the idea that your old way of living just isn’t really working out the way you want it. Working on gaining insight and awareness into your life, your past, your thoughts, emotions, your behaviors... not just keeping them in your head, which again might not be so helpful for you to start your life of transforming into what it is you really want it to look like; who you want to be. It is what it is; I am going to embrace who I am, where I am, and make it work for me.


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