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Sharing is caring - in more ways than one

How often do you share your true thoughts and feelings with another human? How good does it feel to share something and feel validated and heard? How good does it feel to hear that someone relates to you, that they have experienced something similar, and have similar thoughts? In certain ways, each of us is special and unique ... our own individual with our own experience... but in a lot of ways... we are not so unique... we are not the "only one" ... our experiences are human experiences shared by many out of billions in this world... and knowing that, and feeling that is comforting into itself... when we have someone that validates us... that we can trust ... There is an incredible feeling to be felt when we can be our true selves, vulnerable and all.. allowing us to feel a real connection. Must we share every detail of our lives?? Certainly not...and sharing is caring... caring for ourselves and others.


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