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Try again!

Here we go... trying again... there’s always hope... it’s there somewhere, maybe hidden, maybe being held by others in our lives, but it’s there... you might have heard the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results... truth... continuing to try for healthy things things in your life (creating healthy relationships, managing expectations, healthy lifestyle, managing a business,starting a new business after a failure, trying after multiple relapses, another try at therapy)... whatever it is our personal goals are, we can try again to reach them, but in different ways... there’s always an opportunity, a way through, a way around... when we take a breath, tap into our wise mind, feel our feelings, don’t become them, continue to walk in the face of fear... we keep trying , and we try again ... insight is key, if something is toxic in our lives, bringing us down, abusive, just not working and never going to work, we learn to put them down, let them go, grieve the loss of them, and keep on trucking along, trying again with what we know we need and want in our life.

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