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Who are you, when no one's watching?

Wow, what a loaded question, right? When you’re not trying to take that perfect selfie, endless scrolling,...pretending to be into something, when you’re really not...hiding and stuck in your obsessions… fighting with a loved one... What are you actually doing? Who are you being? What are those thoughts running through your head? How are you truly staying align with your values and goals? How is your self care and hygiene? What are the messages you are sending out into the universe when you are all alone, and think no one sees? Are you living for yourself or to be liked and accepted by others? Therapist disclosure: I’m on Day 10 of being in an isolation hotel. Last week I did a 5 day cleanse in which by Friday my brain was cloudy but I got a burst of inspiration… and when I say burst I mean for about 2 hours out of 24. I came in with a great game plan for being productive and maintaining sanity. I cant say that if a hidden camera displayed my time here, I would be so proud… however, I can be gentle on myself. When I bring attention to myself… in a true moment of mindfulness, I come to, get on to those things I value… those things I am committed to… and at the end of each day, when I acknowledge what I actually did and not focus on what I didnt, I can give myself a metaphorical high five that I am still going in the direction I set out for myself to be on at this time… showered and with clean teeth at least.


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