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Live authentically and with awareness

The Beatles. Their music is timeless, and these lyrics can certainly be related to what we see happening in the world now-a-days… but if we work on NOT relating it to out there, beyond us, and start to relate it to ourselves and our inner process… ignorance is bliss… or easier in some ways, to keep those eyes shut, oblivious to our actual reality, then no need to take responsibility and action for what we actually want. It could be kind of cool for some to live that meh kind of life. Not really knowing or being a real part of what’s going on around you. Another one of my favorite quotes that I tend to use a lot when discussing this topic is from the movie Talented Mr. Ripley, “It’s better to be a real nobody, than a fake somebody.” It’s definitely much harder to be someone you're not… and keep that charade going… so taxing on us … and creates even more complexities in our relationships… but there are so many other ways we can be authentic, more self expressed, self accepting, with so much more self love… it seems hard, but it ends up making life so much easier to manage.


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