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Be proud of yourself!

I often hear people say that they want to be humble, and dont want to be “prideful. Being humble is an excellent quality… but there is a difference in being proud of oneself and your achievements, and being a braggart and boastful. Accomplishing and making note of our achievements, no matter how small, adds to our happiness, overall wellbeing, and confidence. It’s important we take time to truly be proud of ourselves every step of the way… it’s a reality check of who we are and who we are being in the world. This doesnt have to be an achievement of getting a degree, Acing a test, or someone asking you to marry them… could be as simple as flossing every night before bed, being proud you kept plants alive for longer than a month, excited you finally you cooked a steak the perfect temperature, you’ve had integrity about keeping in touch with friends… going to bed earlier whatever it might be… it’s all in the journey … the more we acknowledge those things we are doing, and feeling good about… achieving… the more we living with mindfulness, the more moments of happiness we will have.


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