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One love.

At Infinite Mindcare we take no political stances. This is not our job. Part of job as counselors and psychologists is to accept EVERYONE who contacts us, on where they are... not halfway based on our personal beliefs or ways of being...a counselors personal belief or opinion has nothing to do with our practice... there is no room for that in our job... we meet our clients to the point of where they are at, express empathy, understanding, and help within our scope of practice reach their goals, to live in ease, in love, in peace, connectivity within relationships at home, in the workplace, and community. We have been beyond proud of how our government has handled the covid crisis. There is no other place I would rather live in the world. This island and the people here are home. AND the statements quoted in this article are what have people live in fear... motivate hate crimes... perpetuate stigma... self hatred, and hatred of family members... catalysts for depression, anxiety, drug abuse, self harm, and suicide. I have written it a million times in our posts, but a quick search would show that all of these things in the LGBTQ population are prevalent many times over because of these uninformed and misinterpreted beliefs ...We all deserve the right to feel safe. ALL are welcome at our table... in our long as you dont tell us you have a serious plan to murder someone or know of child abuse going on in your home or home of someone you know... we are all good We can all do our part. Communication and a desire to understand, tolerate, and accept, is key. One love.

Click the image below to read the Cayman Compass article:

Fact check: What MLAs got wrong in the domestic partnership debate

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