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Don't give up

One of our amazing followers requested we use these lyrics for a Tuesday Tunes... so here we are Great song. Powerful lyrics. Sometimes life looks like it’s going a certain way... and like life will continue to go that way... get you stuck in that cognitive distortion of this “always” happens to me... it will “never” work out how I want...if we catch ourselves in that mindset, sit with it, accept it even, be open to the possibility of change, we usually are surprised that we have the ability to start to look at things a bit differently, see things in a different light, with more hope...taking action to make our circumstance work for us... taking action towards our goals in line with our values, and not getting sucked down that hole of negativity... it works out in the end if we choose it to be that way. Making it happen no matter what. Choosing you.


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